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“With all the will in the world, we’re diving for dear life, when we could be diving for pearls.”

- Elvis Costello

Balance, Clarity and Skillful Mastery of Life

The purpose of my work is to assist you in living in the moment, from your heart and finding your own unique purpose and expression of life, freed from the pains and limiting patterns of the past and the future.

There is a balance, clarity and wisdom that are naturally already part of who you are; working together allows you to uncover this, step into and live from it, whatever the external circumstances.

It is undeniable that hard times befall us and often we struggle. How we perceive our experiences and with what skills we respond to them largely determine whether life’s challenges will diminish us or compel us to grow and blossom.

The choice is always right before us.

My life’s work is about making what is already part of the fabric of life, quickly and naturally available to you, so that problems dissolve into learning, pain transforms to gratitude, and blocks become stepping stones to your dearest dreams.

Come and learn the power and safety of sweetly surrendering to your natural divinity. Through energy work, coaching and some easy training we can dismantle anything that has gotten in the way of your experiencing the wisdom, joy, peace, inspiration and grace that is inherent in you as a perfect expression of Life itself!